The brisk morning… 11.8.17

The mornings in the Fall, that are without rain; are cold and full of static.

Nothing illustrates this more than walking to the bus, at 6:30 AM, and having your short dress slowly climbing your legs… yes, yes… the presence of a slip would be handy. However, this is not 1961, and I am not even sure I have ever owned a slip.

As one proceeds down the street, the nine blocks to catch the 312, one may be completely unaware that one’s nose may be running. It is cold and maybe slightly breezy… and enjoying the beginnings of the sunrise.

It does not become apparent until one is firmly-ish planted in one’s perch upon the Metro… where the heat is eye-lid-meltingly-high, and one’s nose begins to run… in that annoying, i-have-no-tissues-constantly-sniffing way.

Oh, Autumn, I love you!

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