Because you have to start somewhere…might as well be here.

It occurred to me, the other day…as a new every-day-bus-commuter, that there is much to see and experience.

From the energy of the early morning air; to the desperate need to stand up BEFORE the bus awkwardly gallops to its next stop. Holding on with both hands so as not to passionately kiss the sandal and dress shoe laden bus floor.

the conversations… 07.25.2019

There are mornings, on the 312, when the seats in the front are mostly women. Some are sipping coffee, anxiously timing bumps and enthusiastic breaking, as they attempt to enjoy their beverages over roads not indented for such activities.

Others are expertly penciling in Sudoku as they desperately try to balance with each lurching stop…

Then are two ladies…older, smiling, deep in conversation. They load on to the bus two stops from one another. It is 6:47 in the morning, but it could be any other time of the day. They seem to pick up as if one had set the phone down to put the kettle on.

This is the magic of the metro…  #seattle #kcmetro