Passed… 10.18.17

The route/s I commute on is a fairly lucky route… we have two, frequent, options… the 312 and the 522. 

I know there are distinct differences… important political and financial ones. To me, however, one made my license renewal far more burdensome, and the other doesn’t always have the fresh-air-illusion-creating-airconditioning. 

But for my every-day-purposes… they arrive fairly close together. So when one blows RIGHT passed you, seeming to not even slow down to make sure no one was anxiously, idiotically flapping in their arms…feet away from the stop, in the pre-dawn, artificial glow of the Rite Aid sign….  it’s a little annoying. 

No matter if the next bus is only 12 minutes away. 

It is a handy thing I work in a city with just a few coffee shops. *sigh*. 

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