Truly the little things… 9.28.17

Tired and hot… (hottest September 28th ever in Seattle)… and all you want to do is hustle…but not too quickly; to get the bus home. 

Your mood teeters between excited to be done for the day and slightly grumpy… lacking desire to engage with anyone. 

Climbing onto the 312… Coach #2738; only two things, at this very moment, will make the ride home so much better… 1. Chatting with your most favorite grownup on the entire planet and 2. The very first bus driver, that you’ve encountered, that says “hello”, to every boarding passenger. 

Upon each and every passenger’s departure… she says, “Thank you, have a great evening.”  

Her commentary with the front-riding passengers is jovial and light. Her intercom announcements are clear and friendly. 

I do hope to catch her evening route again… 

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