Standing room… 8.16.17

Often, when leaving the city in the evening, the bus gets pretty packed…before even leaving downtown.  Add to that the ending of a midday baseball game…and ‘standing room only’ doesn’t even begin to describe the packed line of multiple buses.

I have grown quite fond of the taller, sideways seats… and no one to look over your shoulder, as you write about the bus’ journey… or to see that you’re terrible, playing Old Testament trivia, with your best friend.

This afternoon, it feels as though there are 378 people on the 522, heading back to Kenmore.  As we near the end of Lake City, the lovely gal jammed in the aisle in front of me between two much taller gentlemen, asks me to pull the cord.  I, myself, jammed between two people on my raised perched, awkwardly reaches back to indicated the next stop is desired… I BARELY nudged the gal next to me…

The look she shot me, mixed in with tremendous disdain… Was akin to the scathing looks a teenager may throw, as you talk over their phone conversation. Dripping with disgust and annoyance, rivaling that of my own teens.

And I, being mature and of sound mind… Couldn’t help but smile to myself, chuckling softly as I offered my apologies.

Of course…the remaining 8 stops, were riddled with suppressed giggling.

Man, I needed that!


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