I did it… 8.11.17. 

Halfway across the parking lot as the bus pulls up… 

Do I hustle a little more, to grab this one?

Or wait another eight minutes for the next and NOT move the unattractive parts, unnecessarily. 

So I decide to run a little… scolding the bus as I do…

“You’re gonnna make me run, aren’t you?!”

As if this is the bus’s fault, that I decided to leave 6 minutes later than I intended, and I am now sort of running diagonally through a Rite Aid parking lot. 


Red mornings… 8.9.17

65 degrees at 6:57am already feels too warm, knowing full well it will be 87 by the day’s end. 

I know I will miss these warm mornings, with the Canadian fires hanging in the air, creating the eeriest, most beautiful sunrises and sunsets… 

Come late December, after the equinox, when the sun doesn’t rise till after I’m on the 312… With temperatures hanging around 40; that’s when I’ll miss these heavy, red mornings. 

I miss the rain even more. Quite ready for a massive, drenching downpour. 

Time… 8.8.17

My neighborhood is an older one, with some ‘newer’ homes added in the late 80s, early 90s… sidewalks aren’t a real thing. Only half-sidewalks, you know the ones… from the last two houses on the corner, to the end of the street. Not even worth your time…

Suddenly the neighborhood becomes desirable… bus line, near the lake…good school district, (there’s a reason my parents moved north of Seattle in the late 70s), and ‘they’ start building condos… Condos none of us that are from here, could ever dream of affording. 

Then ‘they’ add their fancy half-sidewalks… not the entire length of the street, for safer coverage for the kids that walk to bus in the early, dark hours of the winter mornings… but the fancy sidewalks that ONLY stretch the length of ‘their’ over-priced-jammed-too-many-together condos. 

So, being the grownup that I am, I step off. I chose to walk on the graveled street, kicking rocks into my very sexy Birkenstocks… Silently protesting fancy half-sidewalks; built by 27-year-old developers. If we weren’t good enough for sidewalks in the ‘old days’; perhaps we are too good for the shiny new half-sidewalks that come with that-side-of-a-half-a-million-dollar condos. 

Or perhaps I just need a much larger cup for coffee.